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Our highly qualified and certified faculty are excited to bring you curriculum that will impact your life forever...

Dr. Grace Roscoe, D. Min, Ed.D, PhD, Provost

DR. GRACE ROSCOE, D. Min, Ed.D, PhD, Provost
Dr.Grace Roscoe holds several degrees in theology including a Ph.D., in Clinical Christian Counseling/Biblical Studies, a doctorate in Ministry, Masters in Christian Education, and a Bachelors in Ministry/Missions from Family Bible University, Baltimore, Maryland.  She has an Ed.D. in Christian & Ministry Leadership.  She also holds a Masters in Distance Education and a Bachelors in Communications from the University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, Maryland, along with a Teaching Diploma from Evangelical Training Association (ETA).    

She is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral and Temperament Counselor with the National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA), an International Representative of the Sarasota Christian Academy, and the founder of AAMI Global Ministries and Bible Institute, AAMI Online High School, AAMI’s Behavior Program, and “A Night to Remember” – a married couple’s ministry that also ministers to singles.      


Dr. Roscoe served in the following ministries:  Associate Pastor, Professor of Christian Education, Director of Women and Youth Ministries, Bible Instructor, Missionary, Sunday School Teacher, and Nursing Home and Prison Ministries within the local church.   She is also the author of three books (1) Take Back Your Life: Be Free from Verbal Abuse and Domestic Violence; (2) There Is Healing In The Name of Jesus; and (3) The Journey Through Bible College.

Rev. Lisa Wedington, Dean


Rev. Lisa  Wedington Is the founder  of OMACS ' The Resource Market; an outreach ministry purposed to meet the need of the whole man; it's sole purpose is to empower believers toward being productive citizens in the Earth.


It's inception under the consult of Dr. Noreen Davis was to train individuals to understand the depth of Evangelism/ discipleship. To that end the ministry of Education was birthed in 1999.

● Evangelism/Disclpleship

● Home Educators Leading the Way

● Tutorial

● GED prep

OMACS - The Resource Market" is home to one of the oldest African American  Homeschool Umbrellas (Home Educators Leading the Way) a  registered orginazation with the Maryland State Department of Education, whereby it oversees Homeschool Portfolios in the state of Maryland.



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