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DR. NOREEN DAVIS, MRE, ThD, Founder and President

Rev. Dr. Noreen Davis is an astute teacher of the word of God and a strong advocate for building the kingdom. Her knowledge of scriptures and it's interpretations are phenomenal . She truly has been given the gift and the approval to advocate, and educate by our Savior. Her classes are enjoyable and clear ; always with time for questions and explanations.

Dr. Davis has taken her knowledge of the word to all that hunger to know. She has spent years researching and studying , so that she could honor her gifts by bring the pure word of God. There are no fillers in her teachings.

Please know that she is always looking , reading, researching, and studying Gods word. There is always something that we need to know and everyday is a day to learn. Those of us who have studied under her call ourselves blessed to be allowed to  soak up the knowledge. As we ingest the word of God we become strong warriors in the quest to build the Kingdom!!! We are Kingdom builders that have been given one of God's chosen teacher.

Her keen insight and ability to study and teach Gods Word with such relevance has inspired Kingdom Citizens to broaden their understanding of the written word; allowing them to apply scriptures from not only a spiritual perspective, but also an Analytical perspective.

The provocative messages she shared during "School of Thought" has caused a tremendous awakening to believers  reasoning process and decision-making.

She is eagerly look forward to see where this season catapults the scholars.

As a woman of vision, Dr. Davis is revered worldwide for her leadership, integrity, and compassion. Her vision and leadership led her to establishing two ministries, FreshWinds Ministry and School of Thought Bible Study Teleconference . 

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